healthcare reform through

community engagement and local advocacy


Healthcare is expensive, and getting more expensive every year.  Many families and individuals worry about affordable access to their doctors and other providers. 

The affordable care act

The Affordable Care Act is under attack. Repeal and replace failed to pass the Senate, but repeal efforts continue. The Trump administration threatens not to pay Cost Sharing Reductions or enforce the individual mandate. Anthem has pulled out of the individual and Covered CA marketplaces. Unless funding is secured and the markets are stabilized, insurers will continue to leave the exchange markets. Premiums on the individual and small group markets are skyrocketing: for 2018, an increase of up to 12.5% with another 12.5% increase possible.

single payer

In California, SB 562 would create a universal, single payer system similar to a Medicare for all model. Unlike Medicare, dental, vision and hearing would be covered, and drug prices would be negotiated on behalf of all Californians. Currently it has been shelved in the Assembly, and may move forward in Spring 2018.

Nationally, Bernie Sanders is expected to introduce a Medicare for All bill in the Senate in Fall 2018. It too may include basic dental, vision and hearing, and will allow the Medicare to negotiate drug prices on behalf of all Americans.

what can you do?

Let's depoliticize healthcare, and determine how to best meet the healthcare needs of our community and local healthcare economy. Engage in education forums and community events, contact your legislators, and talk about healthcare reform with your family and friends.

 Working together, we will improve healthcare access for all Californians.




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